Mi Sueño es Bailar

Hosts: Felipe Viel, Patty Manterola
Judges: Andres Garcia, Felix Greco, Lorena Herrera
Episodes: Four Seasons, 6 x 60’, 9 x 120' per season


Mi Sueno Es Bailar, “My Dream is to Dance”, features 12 teams of superstar celebrities and their professional dance partners competing weekly to win the approval of the judges, a VIP panel, and the audience. Each participating couple competes in order to grant the dream of a needy viewer from across the country. Audiences are riveted to the beauty of choreographed dancing, mixed with the moving story of real people in need whose dreams come true. Hosted by superstar TV personality Felipe Viel , along with famed actress and singer Patty Manterola, the series features interactive voting and non-stop entertainment!